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Account Set Up Only

Tap our expertise at the right time

Our account set-up service allows you to tap our expert knowledge just at the right time and only for as long as you require.  Western Consulting Associates understands your time and budgetary constraints and can help eliminate some extra steps in this critical process.  We partner with you to set up your ISNetworld®, Avetta® and PEC® accounts.   

  • We create customized safety programs developed for your account and your client’s requirements. 
  • We analyze your clients’ documentation requirements and upload all supporting data.
  • We complete your account questionnaires related to your safety programs and business/industry.
  • We work in tandem with your insurance and workers’ compensation services to submit all requested certificates of insurance.

Then, because we understand you prefer to tackle most business matters personally, we will turn the maintenance process over to you. 

Simply complete our General Information Form and we can get started.